The best product to treat “needle cast disease” in everygreens? Zone 5, northen Saratoga County. Lower branches in tough shape. Have been told to use “both” ground based fungicide application and to spray the complete tree. ? Have over 25 evergreens, Blue Spruce trees are over 15′ tall but looking rather down. Can they be saved? Thank you.

Needle cast can be caused by a number of fungi. Once the needle is infected, nothing can be done.  The fungicide we sell that can be effective (depending on which of the diseases is causing the problem) id Fungonil.  You also want to rake up and remove all the needles from below the infected trees.  It would not be a bad idea to spray that area as well.  Make sure you haven’t piled mulch or dirt up against the base of the trees.  Here are a couple of links you may find helpful:


Bonide Fungicides


ehow facts on needlecast


Another useful site



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