The front of our yard is a steep hill that butts to the highway. It is very hard to mow so we are trying to come up with a solution of plants to start planting on there after killing the grass/weeds currently on there. We had seen daylilies planted like that as part of the landscape for the Adirondack Trust at the intersection of Rt 50 and Gick Rd. We are also considering creeping phox maybe… Our concern is what the effect might be as the highway department maintains the roads in the winter with salt and the damage it may or may not cause. Do you have any suggestions as to what we can do? Our current set up is very hard to maintain. We have sandy soil on one end and clay on the rest. Thank you for your time and help.

I guess I’ll start with the obvious solution…stop mowing and let it become meadow.  If you are looking for a more ornamental solution HERE’S a list of salt tolerant plants for your situation.  This is from Minnesota so the climate is essentially the same.

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