The rabbits ruined nearly all my shrubs this winter. They got the young burning bushes, holly, lower arborvitae, nearly all the lower shrubs. They chewed off the branches and the bark. They are in a fenced in yard so I know it wasn’t deer. Are there any ornamental shrubs or bushes that I can plant that the rabbits will not harm?

While I don’t doubt that rabbits, mice and voles were the culprits, it is possible deer also could have had a hand in the damage.  They can easily jump over an 8′ fence if need be.

Sadly, the only plants rarely damaged by rabbits are junipers, pines and spruce…not much of  selection.  Spraying the area with a good repellent late into the fall and on any above freezing days in winter with a good animal repellent like Repel-All can often prevent damage.  Your burning bushes will bounce back fairly quickly but the others not-so-much.

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