I planted a dozen hemlocks a few years ago that are now about 10 feet tall though not very full.  I’d like to transplant three of them to our property line for privacy.  Is it feasible to transplant hemlocks this size or are they too big?  If transplanting is feasible, is late March or early April a good time?  How far from the trunk should one dig them up?  Any other suggestions?  Many thanks.

Peter Bowden Answered question March 17, 2022

They are large for transplanting.  The cut you make to create the root ball should about the same distance from the trunk as the outermost branch tips.  The resulting root ball is likely to weigh hundreds of pounds but it can be done.  Transplant as soon as the ground thaws and before there are any signs of new growth.

Peter Bowden Answered question March 17, 2022
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