We are taking our vegetable garden a little more seriously this year, after several years of pretty successful gardening. We want to venture outside of our normal gardening range, and we want to make sure to buy and grow plants that are successful in our region, and are curious where to buy plants and how/when to plant them. We are planting in Clifton Park, NY. Any direction or suggestions are appreciated, Thank you for your consideration,Natalie & Jason

Naturally, you can get everything you’ll need at Hewitt’s.  There are a few plants that you’ll need to but that need a head start.  Even if you don’t do seed starting, you can buy the started plants from us.  The bulk of your garden will come from seed sown directly into the garden.  HERE’S A LINK that can help you get a handle on when to start seeds indoor if you want to experiment with that, and HERE’S A LINK with information on when to direct sow seeds into the garden for different crops.  It includes links to the handy “Vegetable Schedule”…you can also pick up your own copy at Hewitts…it is a great resource designed just for our climate here in the Capital Region.  There is a second seed sowing season in mid-summer for late crops that mature in the fall…gardening doesn’t end with frost…HERE’S A LINK to that article.

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