We bought an apple tree from your store om Troy-Schenectady Road in April. It was tall,and straight and had three lng upright branches. It had a root ball wrapped in a jeavy white woven cloth and that was inside a black plastic bag.mthe tag said “do not disturb wrapping” so I removed the plastic but left the cloth onand plamted it im samdy spoil in whatnhas proven to be a partial shade half the day, full sum the rest. It had many s,all clusters of leaves all over it, but these have now all tirned brown, and the little new growth at the top is only a cople imches and doesnt seem to be doing much. Should I dig it up and remove the wrap and maybe cut it back anout half way to promote branching, or move it to a new spot (we dont have many options)? I kept it watered, but it just seems to look the same as it did in April.

Check to make sure you didn’t bury the stem too deep.  The soil should be at the same spot on the trunk as it was in the ball when you bought it.  Here’s a link to what I’m talking about.   Beside checking your planting depth there’s not much to do but wait.  Keep it moist but not soggy wet all the time or you can drown the roots (and the leaves will dry up and fall off).  I’d leave it where it is and see what happens.  If it dies, you an always use our Lifetime Nursery Guarantee and get another one later this year or early next spring.


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