We bought two crimson king last year in may in queensbury,ny it”s been very dry we noticed the leaves started wilting but have stayed attached to tree,we’ve started watering it regularly and was wondering if the leaves would come back,the limbs are still alive because they bend not break. thank you Julie

With all the rain we’ve had, moisture should no longer be a problem.  Check to make sure that you didn’t bury the stem too deep when you planted it and that you HAVEN’T piled mulch up against the bark.  Brush back any mulch and dirt away  from the trunk until you find the original soil that the tree came in.  Dirt or mulch piled against the trunk slowly strangles the tree.  It may take a few years, but it WILL kill the tree.  If the problem continues, bring some of the leaves to Tom, the manager of the Q’bury store and have him take a look.

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