We have 3 pink double knockout rose bushes that we’ve had for 7-8 years. Have always been the highlight of our yard. This year, no blooms; but plenty of healthy looking leaves. They’ve been fertilized with Rosetone and treated with Seven due to something eating the leaves early in the season. What causes no buds or blooms? Thank you!Linda A.

The usual cause for this is not enough sun (8+ hours) but yours have been doing fine so it probably isn’t that. The other most common reason for lack of flowering is that they need more phosphorus.  I’d suggest using the water soluble plant food Jack’s Classic Blossom Booster.  Mix it up in a watering can and soak the soil at the base of the rose once every 10 days.  The formula of the Blossom Booster is 10-30-20 so that will jump start them!

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