We have a camp on a lake and recently had some work done on an area by the lake that is not accessible for watering. They are putting top soil down on Friday and I was wondering What the best type of grass seed to put down?And would we need hay as well?Thank youElsa Radliff. eradliff356@aol.com

Perennial Ryegrass is your best bet.  We sell a blend of 3 ryegrasses called Triple Rye or Tri Rye.  Ryegrass comes up quickly….in a week or so.  The problem is, any grass seed needs to be kept constantly moist to sprout and grow.  It is a gamble (and a bad bet looking at the forecast) that it will get enough rain regularly enough to keep it moist without some help.  Covering the seed with straw will help keep it moist but, it is a long shot IMO.  You’ll just have to hope for regular rain showers.

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