We just installed a small 60 gallon Garden Pond and I would like to plant perennials around. I have a great deal of area and I am really not sure what to plant. The area receives morning sun until early afternoon and then it is shaded. The top 6-8 inches is nice soil and then it becomes very clay like. Is it still safe to plant perennials now at this late in the summer, will they survive the winter?

The sooner you plant your perennials, the better the chance they will have surviving winter.  You should amend the soil with some composted manure which we have in bags.  Also add a bit of Espoma Bio-Tone to “supercharge the soil.  When you are looking at the perennials, look at the tags and and choose plants that say that they are good for “sun” or “sun to part shade” and they should do very well in your location.

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