We lost several perennials this year of different types. Some Daisy’s, about 4 rose bushes, and a few others that I don’t recall what they are called. We’ve had these for several years, but for some reason, several did not come back this year.Could this be the odd winter weather we had where spring like temperatures caused some plants to started growing in winter, then re-froze?I’m wondering if you have heard of this from other people locally?Thank you.

You nailed it…the warm fall was nice for us but rough on hardy plants.  Then late march featured a warm up which brought already advanced plants out of what short dormancy they had just in time to succumb to four unusually cold nights April 3rd – 6 with temps of 24°, 18°, 14° and 17°.  This not only did severe damage to the apple crop but to many landscape plants from arborvitae to perennials.  No, you are not alone.

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