We moved into our house 5 years ago and, at the time, we were pleased to see a large area of established raspberry plants all along the back of our yard. At the time, we did not realize how weedy and overgrown that patch was. Every year, we spend hours weeding. We have given up and decided to get rid of them. What would be the best way to get rid of the raspberry patch and plant a new lawn in its place?

Ugh.  You should get out there now and chop them to the ground.  They will put out lots of ne leaves when it warms up.  Sometime in early June, spray the area with Round-up (follow the directions on the container) to kill everything in that area.  Wait another month and, if more shoots come up, spray the area again.  Once you are sure they are total dead you can rototill the area and rake out the roots of the dead berry plants.  In early September, you should get your grass seed started.

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