what is the best plant for a low hedge that is intended to be trimmed to a box shape. Will be on the north side of the house. Picking plants for our new home from the Saratoga store.

The usual answer for this would be Boxwood.  However, you mention that this is the north side of the house.  If it is to be right next to the house, there will be no direct sun so there really isn’t anything that will fill that bill.  If it is away from the house several feet there is the possibility that Boxwood would work but only if the area is sheltered for harsh winter winds from the north.   It is a tough location.  Low growing junipers are another possibility but only if there’s enough light…they can handle the wind much better than boxwood.

I’d suggest taking some pictures of the area and an accurate idea of how “north” it actually is and have a chat with Chris or Ed at our Wilton store.   A little shift to “northeast” will add wind protection and some morning sun to the mix.  “Northwest” adds more wind and pushes you toward junipers.  North facing walls are always the most limiting.

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