We living in an apartment in Brunswick, NY, and obviously can’t plant anything in the ground.  I have, however planted some tomatoes and cucumbers in raised gardens and would like to have a treat.

Among my favorites is a Redbud, which we had at our home.  If this is not possible, can you suggest a specimen that I would be able to grown in a container?

Peter Bowden Answered question July 29, 2021

You can grow hardy trees in containers but, to survive winter, you would need to bury the pot in the ground or place it on the ground and cover the pot completely (as long as the pot is frost-proof) up to the top with mulch.  Hardy plants need to cold dormant period so bringing them in is not an option.  Left exposed, the roots would repeatedly freeze and thaw over winter which will kill the plant.

Peter Bowden Answered question July 29, 2021

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