Hi, I purchased a coral bark Japanese maple at the end of last summer and it has done Ok. Recently all the leaves have died on itexcept a few that are growing at the base of the trunk. Can this tree be saved?

Peter Bowden Answered question June 10, 2022

Check to make sure that it wasn’t planted too deep or that mulch hasn’t bee piled up against the bark of the maple.  Bark or soil piled against the bark stops the flow of mousture and nutrients from the root to the foliage slowly strangling the tree.  Get down and brush any mulch or soil awat from the trunk until you see the original soil that the plant came in and keep it that way.  It may bounce back but it may also have to regrow from the base but it will do that quickly since the root system is mostly intact.

Peter Bowden Answered question June 10, 2022

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