Why are the leaves on my pink rex begonia curling and how do I fix it?They were curled when I purchased the plant, but I thought it had not been given proper care and would get better. Not so! I live in S. MS and have had it outside in the heat but in shade. NO CHANGE! I put it in the house near a N facing glass door. NO CHANGE! I’ve never changed the pot. I water when the soil feels dry and then water thoroughly. I’ve never fertilized it. Any suggestions you have would be gratefully accepted. Thanks, Kay White

First check to make sure that that variety isn’t upposed to have curling leaves…there are many odd leaf shapes among the begonias.  It could be a disease though  HERE’S a link that may help you identify the problem.  If is a viral disease, it will be difficult to cure.  http://homeguides.sfgate.com/begonia-disease-75203.html

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