With the weather finally starting to warm up, when is a good time to take the covers of my rhododendrons? There are still deer prowling in the woods as of yesterday. Last year the shrubs made in through the entire winter only to be devoured by the deer in late March. Hence the covers this past winter. I want to time it so the plants bloom and grow, but don’t want to take them off only to have them become deer fodder. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

On the next nice day, I’d uncover your rhodos so they can start getting some light.  I’d spray them (and the other plants around them) with a good repellent like Bonide Repels-All.  It also come in a hose end sprayer and concentrate if you have your own sprayer  That way can enjoy the plants while training the deer that there is nothing edible in the area and they will stay away.  Spray one more time a month later and you should be good for the summer.

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