Yesterday, I had a huge white petunia in a large pot, and today, It has been eaten nearly to the soil. No flowers left just thin green stems It was so lovely and all the neighbors commented on it. I almost cried when I saw it this morning. What could have eaten it in since yesterday. I live in Iowa in town, if that helps. Have never seen any slugs here but wonder if it was that or maybe chipmonks??

Eaten that quickly it can’t be slugs.  Chipmunks, red squirrels or rabbits could do that though.  There are area repellents like Repels-All that can deter them but Hot Pepper Wax Spray can be applied right on the plants and they won’t touch them.  Re-Apply after heavy rain.  Give it a shot od soluble plant food like Miracle Gro 20-20-20 and they can bounce back quickly.

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