Sod Installation and Care


Be sure the area gets at least three hours of sun daily. Bluegrass sod is not suited to areas of deep shade. In very sandy soil, blend 4 cu. ft. of peat moss per 100 sq. ft. into the area to be sodded to a depth of at least six inches. In very clay soil, till in a good sandy loam to prevent shallow root growth and drying. Rake or grade the area to 3/4 inch below the desired finish grade. Pay attention to eliminating low spots. Apply Country Estate Fas-Start at a rate of 4 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. on the area to be sodded. Rake lightly.


Pick the longest straight edge and unroll sod lengthwise along that edge. The next roll should be staggered (like brick-laying) to avoid lining up the seams. Sod will shrink a bit, so be sure each piece is butted firmly against the adjoining piece without overlapping. In warm weather, water each piece lightly as it is installed to avoid drying out before the job is finished. Sod may be cut with a serrated knife to fit the odd areas at the edges of the area. After installation it is best to roll the area to press the sod into contact with the soil. Tamp areas that cannot be rolled. Next, apply Winterizer lawn food onto the sod at the same rate as above.


Water the area for at least two hours immediately after unrolling. Keep the area well watered for two weeks after installation. For best results roll the area again a few days after installation. After a week the area may be mowed, but be sure not to mow off more than 1/3 of the total height of the grass. Don not use a riding mower for the first 45 days. Feed the area again four weeks after installation. During dry weather, avoid frequent light water. Instead, water heavily (1 to 2 hours) once or twice a week.

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