It’s Garden Show weekend!

As you probably know, the Capital District Garden & Flower Show is this weekend at HVCC. Even though spring has already arrived according to the calendar, the garden show will be your first chance to take a gander at greenness and flowers. In addition to the landscape displays and vendor area, there will be lectures and demonstrations to attend.

I’m doing two each day. “Know your N-P-Ks” will teach you how to read a package of plant food. It can be very confusing trying to pick out the right food for different plants. This talk will free you from depending on pretty pictures and celebrity endorsements. It also covers spring feeding techniques and proper planting procedures.

The second is a new topic for me this year…”Close Up Flower Photography”. This talk will tell the tale of my adventure of discovery with digital close-up and macro photography. Digital cameras have brought what was once a very expensive hobby within reach of everyone with event the most basic digital camera. Bring your camera along (as if you were going to a flower show without it)!

Don’t forget to stop by the Hewitt’s both for some great deals on seeds and bulbs as well as coupons to use later at the stores.

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