Hi Peter, we have arvorvitae trees that are 6 – 7 feet tall; is there anything we should do to protect the trees during the winter? We’ve seen people put burlap or other materials around the trees, is this a good idea?I have a garden that didn’t do much this year; is there anything I should be doing right now to help prepare the soil for next year?Thanks, Sharon

The big threat to Arbs is deer.  Surrounding or wrapping them in deer netting will prevent deer from eating them.  Burlap will protect them from drying wind so that might be wise if they are in a very windy location.  Adding a couple of inches of compost to your garden is a good idea too.  Start a compost bin to recycle all that kitchen waste into the soil.  http://blog.timesunion.com/gardening/remember-what-happened-to-my-rhododendronhollyazalea/6511/

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