I want to start a vegetable garden. I’m looking for the cheapest way to do it. Like most soil in saratoga springs it is sandy soil. Would it be cheaper to condition the soil with compost and mulch or just build an 8ft by 4ft above ground garden and buy soil for it. I’m not even sure that will be big enough but it would be a good starter size. Barbcaban@protonmail.com

I’d imagine the cheapest way would be to turn rich garden soil and Bio-Tone starter food into the existing soil.  A rototiller makes it easier but, such a small area could be hand cultivated.  You can get excellent garden soil delivered from here:   https://www.saratogasod.com/products/big-yellow-bag-black-garden-soil/
Hewitt’s has the Bio-Tone food that will jump start the soil with nutrients and all the beneficial soil microbes for healthy soil and plants…totally organic of course.  More on that here:  https://www.espoma.com/espoma-videos/get-plants-off-to-a-good-start-with-bio-tone-starter-plus/

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