What is the best potting soil to buy that does not contain gnats and fungus. I purchased MiracleGro twice and had to throw all the plants out because they became infested with gnats. If there is no specific brand, what can I add to the soil to insure that I will not get gnats. I have all herb plants in a windowbox. Thanks!

Make sure that you are buying “Potting Soil” and not “Garden Soil”  Miracle-Gro sells both.  “Potting Soil” is sterile…heated to the point that insects, their eggs and seeds and fungi spores don’t survive.  It is also usually lightened with additive like Perlite and/or vermiculite to make it drain better for use in containers.  “Garden Soil” is just a bag of untreated dirt so there may be (and likely will be) mold spores weed seeds and even insect eggs.  “Garden Soil” is usually cheaper and many people don’t know the difference so they buy it instead of “Potting Soil”.  Spend the extra and get the real thing.  I prefer Espoma organic potting soil.  Make sure when you get real potting soil that it is dry with maybe a hint of moisture.  If it is soggy wet from being stored outside, the package has been compromised…pick another dry bag to buy.

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