I live in Clifton Park and have sandy soil. Last spring I purchased your Country living grass seed for sandy soil. the grass came in pretty good but was taken over by another type of grass. I tried to add pictures but it says i do not have permission to upload. It was a long process to get the grass going . Any tips?

Peter Bowden Answered question April 6, 2021

I’d suggest taking some photos of the area and maybe a sample of the grass that took over and show then to Denise or April at our Clifton Park store.  They have many years of experience with lawn care and have “seen it all”.  I’m sure they can help you figure out what is going on.  I’m curious if you have done a soil pH test to see if your soil is excessively acidic.  This is a basic step and, since grass struggles badly in acidic soil, it is something I’d suggest getting a handle on.  Simple to do and it can have a profound effect on the health of your lawn.

Peter Bowden Changed status to publish April 6, 2021

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