I live at the bottom of a hill in an area with clay soil, so our yard is pretty wet in the spring – and it can continue to be wet into the summer depending on how much rain we get. There is a corner of our yard that is downright swampy, and it’s pretty unusable as it sits right now. We would like to make it functional in some way and are considering turning it into a large garden. Are there flowers and plants that will work in a spot like this? Can you recommend a few to try this year? Thank you!

There are few plants that will tolerate extended time in wet soil.  There are willows…weeping willow trees, pussywillow and dappled willow shrubs that can deal with the wetness.  If you are intent on gardening in this are, you’re going to have to bring in several of inches of soil to raise the are up and improve drainage so there is no standing water.

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